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We are Angie, Jean, Shannon, and Spanki, and we’ve created an incredible experience for you! Click below to get to know each of us a little better.

The Workshop

2017. One epic workshop. East Coast. Here we come.

East Coast West Coast is a child and family lifestyle workshop created by four photographers who are passionate about their craft and want to share it all with those with the same passion. This small-group, intimate workshop is specifically for photographers who are looking for a fresh, unique approach to child and family photography.

There are a lot of workshops out there. Why is this one for you? Because you are a photographer who wants to SEE differently, LEARN new skills, MEET others who do what you do, PLAY in the ocean, LAUGH hard, and CREATE beautiful images. Oh yeah, and leave with more knowledge and inspiration then you know what to do with.

This three day workshop will include two full days of learning and shooting, and an optional third morning of portfolio reviews and personal Q&A. All days will be taught by Angie, Jean, Shannon, and Spanki, and will cover lifestyle photography from initial contact with a client all the way through delivery of the product. Keep scrolling to discover everything you will learn.

Registration options for the workshop have changed for 2017! We will now be offering lodging as part of the workshop! If you live nearby or prefer not to lodge at the workshop location, your seat price is $1600. If you love slumber parties and want roommates, than your price is $1800.

What You’ll Learn

This three day workshop will include two full days of learning and shooting, and an optional third day morning. We think of it as four workshops in one, with each instructor covering their specialties in great detail. Shooting demonstrations and shooting time will be included throughout the workshop.

Day One

It’s time to put the heart and soul back into your business and into your photography. We are all people with very different lives and stories, but we all have a common goal. We want to create beautiful art, produce emotion, define our style, and make it all look and feel natural. But we get lost in the everyday, in comparing ourselves with those around us, and with following the same patterns over and over.

We will spend much of this day breaking down the “whys” that keep you from creating the art that you so desire and tearing through EVERY aspect of business so we can hone in what your goals are and how to achieve them so you can be successful in your artistry AND your business. And because we know you are a creative and creatives sometimes struggle with the business side, yeah, we’ll be covering everything. Our business discussion will include marketing, branding, pricing, social media, workflow, and how to stand out in a saturated market.

Day Two

Day two is all about making your photography INCREDIBLY AWESOME. We’ll be covering all aspects of how we shoot. Each instructor will also be sharing their strengths, tools, tips, and tricks to give you the skills you need to produce over-the-top amazing lifestyle imagery.


Own the chaos – Photographing kids and families can be chaotic. Time to own it! Learn how to embrace it and use it to your advantage to create emotional, spontaneous, and fun filled images.

Light and location – Learn unique ways to use location and light to create art and tell a story. 


Styling 101 – Shannon will be sharing the tools and resources to take your sessions to the next level. You’ll get front row seats to her process beginning to end, and will learn 10 tips to have a successful styled shoot every time.

Finding Inspiration – Ideas are the spine of your photography. But where do these critical ideas come from? Shannon will show you her process of finding, collecting, organizing ideas and then how to put it all to awesome, creative use.


Lifestyle photography – What separates traditional photography from lifestyle photography? What separates a cute photo from an emotional, love filled photo that pulls you in? Learn how to start thinking like a lifestyle photographer as you shoot so you can produce more natural and emotional images. 

Family Connection – Shooting families can be hard. Understanding the family dynamic is a crucial first step to being able to create meaningful images. Learn how to hear those connections and take time to capture each moment as it really is.


Indoor shooting – You don’t need a big, beautiful home to get amazing images. Learn how to walk into any client’s home and own it from start to finish. We’ll discuss using light and location, and working with your subject in small spaces to get beautiful images.

Artificial lighting -Learning the basics of artificial light will give you the option to create beautiful and natural looking light when natural light isn’t available. Shhhh, no one will ever know it’s not natural.

Day Three

The third morning is optional and will include a portfolio review and Q&A with the instructor of your choice.


East Coast

Our one and only workshop 2017 workshop will take place February 24-26th in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Price will be $1600 without lodging or $1800 with lodging. Only ten seats will be opened for this workshop. Please view the FAQ section below for all workshop information. Photos of the workshop location are coming very soon. Until then, west coast memories!

East Coast

Our one and only workshop 2017 workshop will take place February 24-26th in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Price will be $1600 without lodging or $1800 with lodging. Please view the FAQ section below for all workshop information. Photos of the workshop location are coming very soon. Until then, west coast memories!

Sorry, we can’t accept phone registrations at this time. Please head over to on your computer to register!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the workshop?

There are two registration options for the workshop. Registration WITHOUT lodging is $1600. Registration WITH lodging is $1800 (lodging is for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights).

What does the cost include?

The cost includes heart pouring, soul searching instruction for two days, portfolio review and private Q&A on the third day, light breakfast for three days, delicious lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and of course swag and prizes from our favorite companies. If you choose the lodging option, your cost includes lodging for three nights. The fee does NOT include flights.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for current child and family photographers or photographers who want to start working with children and/or families.

What about newborns?

We consider newborn sessions an indoor lifestyle family session. The workshop will not cover newborns specifically, but we will discuss the entire process of shooting families indoors, including natural light, artificial light, lenses, subject interaction and connection.

What is your refund policy?

A 50% refund can be given within 30 days of the workshop. After that, the registration fee cannot be refunded, but can be transferred to another person. 

Do I have to pay in full at the time of registration?

You can definitely pay in full, OR you can pay half now, and half within 45 days of the workshop. 


YES, for sure food! A light breakfast is included on all three days, a delicious lunch and dinner will be included on Friday and Saturday, and of course, snacks galore throughout the workshop.

Is lodging included?

This is where it gets fun. For the first time, we are offering a lodging option. If you live nearby, you’ll choose the $1600 seat. If you need your space and want to book offsite, you’ll also choose the $1600 option and there are TONS of hotel options within a 30 minute radius. If you want to be right on site with everyone and love roommates and slumber parties, then the $1800 seat is for you! Lodging in this option will cover Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. And don’t worry, you’ll have your own bed.

What airport should I fly into?

Charleston International Airport in Charleston, South Carolina

What’s this about portfolio reviews and personal Q&A?

The third morning of the workshop is optional and is reserved for those who would like a portfolio or website review. You will have the opportunity to choose your instructor for the review and can bring your material to review and up to three specific questions you would like to discuss with that instructor. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick the brain of the photographer you love!

How can I get information about sponsoring or advertising with East Coast West Coast?

Simply email us at

But SERIOUSSSSLY, why should I choose this workshop from the many others out there?

One word. Focus. If you are a photographer who currently shoots or wants to shoot lifestyle photography, you get to focus on that one subject for three days straight! With four #supercool instructors who want to share all they know with you! In a super cool location! With tons of other photographer friends! Time to go register!

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